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The Professional Services Sector Employer Group

The Professional Services Sector Employer Group was established in 2010 following research commissioned by ConstructionSkills, in partnership with the Construction Industry Council (CIC), to identify the issues facing the professional sector and to raise awareness of the advice and support available to them. The group currently consists of 27 employer representatives within the professional services sector, with members including Directors, Partners, HR Managers and others with specific responsibility for training and staff development. The group also includes representation from key professional institutions in Wales including the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA).

Group members nominate a chair and vice chair from within the group on an annual basis and meet at least twice a year, with online and telephone communication continued throughout the year. The current chair is Ann-Marie Smale, Director of Powell Dobson Architects. The Construction Industry Council and ConstructionSkills also attend the meetings with ConstructionSkills providing secretariat support to the group.  

Following the first meeting the group decided the focus of their work should concern planning legislation and the planning process, the low carbon agenda, recruitment and retention of talent, the qualifications cross over to the All Wales Qualification Group, and institutions involvement. Sub task groups will be formed surrounding these key issues with a member chair being responsible for feeding into the main group.

Key Objectives

  1. To develop a ConstructionSkills strategy for addressing the needs of the professional services sector in Wales as informed by the ConstructionSkills 2010 research.
  2. To agree a rolling five year action plan to address these needs.
  3. To inform the future work of ConstructionSkills within the professional services sector in Wales.
  4. To act as advisers to ConstructionSkills to ensure services and support meet the needs of the professional services sector.
  5. To liaise and co-ordinate with the Professional Body Forum – also established following this research – and other ConstructionSkills groups with representation on other groups as necessary.
  6. To seek funding for project based initiatives which arise from action plan.


Should anyone have any interest in joining the group, please contact either Wyn Prichard (0300 456 5717 / wyn.prichard@cskills.org) or Debra Jenkins (0300 456 5718 / debra.jenkins@cskills.org). Further contact information below:

Wyn Prichard, Wales Director ConstructionSkills

Units 4 & 5 Bridgend Business Centre
Bridgend Industrial Estate
Bridgend, CF31 3SH

Tel: 0300 456 5717 (Direct Line) / 0300 456 5700 (Reception)
Email: Wyn.Prichard@cskills.org
Web: www.cskills.org



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