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Approval Process

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is responsible for managing the application process for registering Approved Inspectors. To ensure that professional standards are maintained, Approved Inspectors must undergo a robust application process and repeat this application process every five years to maintain their Approved Inspector status. Applications will be processed within 6 months of receipt and, to meet the requirements of the EU Services Directive, if an application has not been processed within this 6 month period it will be deemed to have been successful.

There are four stages involved in the assessment process to become an Approved Inspector, or be re-approved:

1. Application

The applicant completes an application form including a detailed knowledge base. The knowledge base is the heart of the application and requires demonstration of how the applicant’s knowledge and experience equips them for the duties and responsibilities of an Approved Inspector. The knowledge base addresses six key areas:

  • Legislation & Building Control
  • Business Management & Professional Ethics
  • Construction Technology & Sustainability
  • Fire Studies
  • Structural Design
  • Building Services & Environmental Engineering

2. Pre-qualification verification

On receipt of an application, the CICAIR Registrar will check that all the information requested on the form has been provided and the application is in the required format. Applicants will be asked to provide anything found to be missing or clarify any queries before the application can be progressed further.

3. Admissions Panel

On successful completion of the pre-qualification verification, the application is considered by professional Assessors who decide whether the applicant has demonstrated the necessary experience and knowledge to merit a professional interview. Assessors include both qualified Approved Inspectors and experts nominated from across the range of disciplines represented by CIC members.

4. Professional Interview

Applicants called for a professional interview will be seen by an Interview Panel consisting of three assessors with assistance from the CICAIR Registrar. The interview is the final stage of the application process. It is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their competence, and expand upon the information provided in their application. The interview will start with the applicant giving a 5-10 minute verbal or PowerPoint presentation summarising their application.

Successful completion of all the application assessment stages will result in the applicant being invited to register, subject to their adoption of the Building Control Performance Standards PDF in their working practices, the Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors PDF and insurance restrictions for minor works, which are pre-requisites for entry onto the Register. Approved Inspector registration is valid for a period of five years, after which time re-approval is required.

Applicants’ attention is drawn to a letter proscribing franchising dated 26 September 2012 PDF.

Application Fee

The fee to cover the approval or re-approval process is £3,500 (plus VAT).

Registration Fee

New applicant - a registration fee of £500 annually prior to the anniversary of registration.

Re-approval - the registration fee following re-approval is 0.8% (plus VAT) of the Approved Inspector’s average turnover for the 5 years prior to re-approval.

If the fee is less than £5,000, it must be paid in full prior to the registration renewal. If the fee is more than £5,000, it may be paid in 5 equal instalments, with the first instalment to be paid prior to the registration renewal and the subsequent instalments paid annually prior to the anniversary of registration.

The minimum registration fee is £2,000 (plus VAT).

Application Forms for New Applicants

Approved Inspector Application MS Word (for companies)

Approved Inspector Application MS Word (for individuals and sole traders)

Note: For new applications, Assessors find it helpful if, as well as in full, the Knowledge Base is summarised in the form of a matrix. View matrix example. MS Excel

Application Forms for Re-approval

Approved Inspector Re-approval Application MS Word

Approved Inspector Turnover Declaration MS Word (this must be submitted with the re-approval application)

Note: The knowledge base section of the re-approval application should take the form of a matrix. View matrix example. MS Excel

Change of name

There is a charge of £150 (plus VAT), payable to the Construction Industry Council, to change the registered name of an Approved Inspector. When requesting a change, an Approved Inspector should submit copies of the change of name certificate issued by Companies House and the revised insurance documentation. CIC will issue a new certificate, amend the Register and notify the relevant authorities.

View more information

Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors PDF

Building Control Performance Standards PDF

Insurance & Warranty Requirements

Form of contract for Approved Inspectors

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors (ACAI) have produced a bespoke contract for use by Approved Inspectors and they are encouraged to make use of it. This is the standard form of agreement for the Appointment of an Approved Inspector under the Building Act 1984.

Contract for the Appointment of an Approved Inspector PDF

Contact for the Approved Inspectors Register.


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