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10 January 2013

The Role of an Appointed Person
The Sustainable and Secure Buildings Act 2004 amends the Building Act 1984 to allow for the appointment of a single person, “the Appointed Person”, to act as an interface between Building Control Bodies (BCBs) and a building developer. Although discussed in consultations on the future of building control, the role of “appointed person” has not been introduced yet, although the power to do so already exists. Should the Government go ahead with this idea on a voluntary basis?
Download further information and the presentations from the event, via the links below:

Appointed Person Workshop PDF
Appointed Persons Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Show

4 December 2012 Building Information Modelling report - Industrial strategy: government and industry in partnership PDF
10 October 2012

Ground Forum Workshop: “New Developments in Ground Engineering”

Keith Gabriel - New Developments in Ground Engineering Opportunities for the Construction Industry PDF
Nic Wincott - Ground Sourced Heat and Coolth Background and Opportunities PDF
Duncan Nicholson - Review of Thermal (Energy) Piles PDF

September 2012

All Party Group for Excellence in the Built Environment Report

A Better Deal For Public BuildingPDF
Report from the commission of Inquiry into achieving best value in the procurement of construction work

23 November 2011

CIC Workshop - Constructive Women

A CIC Workshop seeking to answer the question 'How do we increase the number of women professionals within the construction Industry?'

Download the presentations from the event via the links below:

Andy Ford, CIBSE President, Director, Mott Macdonald Fulcrum
Sustainability and Engineering - the future is no longer male PDF
Changing our Institution to reflect this - CIBSE tentative first steps.

Angela Brady, RIBA President, Director, Brady Mallalieu Architects Ltd
Building Society PDF

Kath Knight, HR Director, Mace
Celebrating Differences PDF

For further information contact Membership Services Manager Liz Reading lreading@cic.org.uk

23 March 2011 CIC Council Papers

Executive Board Report October 2010_February 2011.doc MS Word

Power Point Presentations Microsoft PowerPoint Show

2 March 2011

Gordon Masterton, Chair of Construction Industry Council took part in a panel session lead by award winning broadcast journalist, Kirsty Wark at Ecobuild to discuss the ‘Future of Construction’.

Download Gordon Masterston’s Notes MS Word from the panel session.

24 February 2011

CIC Workshop - Building Information Modelling

The Low Carbon Construction Innovation and Growth Team report has highlighted a number of key challenges and opportunities for the UK Construction Industry arising from the UK’s legal obligations to reduce its carbon emissions.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) was suggested as a key tool to help transform the very structure of our industry, integrating the delivery team, reducing error, waste and carbon, and as an instrument for systems engineering.

In considering our response to the IGT report, CIC recognises that its members, especially the professional Institutions and Associations, will be key to taking the BIM recommendation forward. The Construction Industry Council participated in this process by hosting a workshop for members on 24 February 2011 through which professionals in the built environment were able air their views.

Key issues that were discussed:

  • The common ground on the potential benefits (and risks to be managed) during BIMs progressive introduction.
  • How the industry working together can deliver a coherent message to Government, clients and the sector itself on BIM, and best support the Government Clients working group.
  • How the Professional Institutes and Associations can, jointly, provide the best guidance to their members, promote appropriate training and Knowledge Transfer, and ensure the industry are prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities.
  • Identifying the wider barriers to BIM in construction education and to explore means by which these could be addressed.

Download further information and the presentations from the event, via the links below:

Low Carbon Construction: Challenges for the Professions Microsoft PowerPoint Show
Richard Saxon, CIC

Enabling Collaboration between the Professions Microsoft PowerPoint Show
Rob Manning, CIBSE

CIC Scope of Services Microsoft PowerPoint Show
Frances Paterson/Tony Broomhead

Chair of the Building (and Asset) Information Modelling working party of the Government Construction Client’s Board
Mark Bew, URS Scott Wilson

Facilitated session – based on the discussion paper MS Word :
• Key barriers and requirements to take BIM forward
• Capturing Commitments
Matthew Bacon, The Conclude Consultancy

CIC Workshop Report MS Word

17 December 2010

The Browne Review Microsoft PowerPoint Show
Implications for PIs
Barry Clarke, Institute of Resilient Infrastructure

26 October 2010

Building Regulations – Prospects for Change

The Government is engaged in a wide-ranging process of considering changes to the Building Regulations.  Following on from the recent consultation exercise which ended on 31 August, the Department of Communities and Local Government is also interested in gathering ideas through a series of workshops.

The Construction Industry Council participated in this process by hosting a workshop for members on 26 October 2010 through which professionals in the built environment were able air their views.

Download further information and the presentations from the event, via the links below.

Speaker Biographies MS Word

The future directions of Building Regulations Microsoft PowerPoint Show
Sandra Simoni, Communities and Local Government

Developing relations between building control and planning
The Building Regulations and Low Carbon Construction
Microsoft PowerPoint Show
David Mccullogh (Director of Operational Excellence TPS – a Carillion company)

The future of Building Regulations – an architect’s perspective Microsoft PowerPoint Show
Peter Caplehorn (Technical Director, Scott Brownrigg)  

16 September 2010

Action on the IGT agenda

A one-day event was held at The Building Centre on 16 September 2010, to develop the proposals of the Low Carbon Construction IGT as they relate to the professions and obtain a coordinated commitment from key members to progress actions. The Emerging Findings suggest that CIC and its key members focus on:

  • helping professionals learn how to provide net-zero buildings and infrastructure;
  • building new knowledge and ways of working, including raising skill levels and rapid generation of new standards and codes. Carbon accounting will be one such new area of practice;
  • reforming the industry’s structure and practice as part of meeting the low-carbon challenge. This includes defining effective collaboration and integration;
  • Integrating FM into the design-build process and making feedback normal;
  • helping consultancies to decarbonise their own businesses; and
  • overcoming the silo tendency of professional institutions, integrating policy, knowledge management and CPD offerings.

Download further information and the presentations from the event, via the links below.

Rethinking Professional Services for the Low Carbon Future Agenda MS Word

Speaker Biographies MS Word

Morning Session

Carbon - a challenge to the professions? - Paul Morrell, Chief Construction Adviser, HMG Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Key challenges to delivering a low carbon future - Ian Short and Ed Metcalfe, Institute for Sustainability Microsoft PowerPoint Show

The trials of low carbon school design - Richard Buckingham Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Whole life carbon accounting for the Treasury Green Book - John Connaughton, Davis Langdon Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Carbon Profiling a solution to measuring carbon in buildings - Simon Sturgis Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Developing New Knowledge Rapidly - Peter Caplehorn, Technical Director Scott Brownrigg Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Accelerating the Development of Best Practice - Eric Arnold, Consultant Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Developing New Knowledge Rapidly - Anthony Burd Head of Technical Policy Sustainable Buildings Division Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Afternoon Session

A New Professionalism that engages with outcomes - Bill Bordass the Usable Buildings Trust Microsoft PowerPoint Show

IGT & New Professionalism - Andrew Eastwell CEO BSRIA Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Soft Landings User Group - Mike Chater Hampshire County Council and Gary Clark Atkins, and chair of the User Group Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Decarbonising the Professional Office - Jeremy Blake Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Tap into the world of knowledge - Keith Snook, RIBA Microsoft PowerPoint Show

Rethinking Professional Services for the Low Carbon Future - Joe Martin, RICS Microsoft PowerPoint Show


16 February 2010

The Future of Infrastructure Planning

The Future of Infrastructure Planning was a free event hosted by the Construction Industry Council on February 16 2010. Starting with a presentation from ICE on the need for renewal of our infrastructure on a national scale, the chairman of the Infrastructure Planning Commission then set out plans for this new body and outlined the future work programme. The final presentation of the day from DECC outlined the key points in relation to the new National Policy Statements on Energy. These national policy statements are a crucial element of the new system. National Policy Statements set out current energy policy as it should be applied at a strategic level. The IPC then determines consent for individual projects.

  The Future of Infrastructure Planning - Peter Hansford, ICE Microsoft PowerPoint Show
  The Future of Infrastructure Planning - Sir Michael Pitt Chair, IPC Microsoft PowerPoint Show
  Energy National Policy Statements - Nick Cooper DECC Microsoft PowerPoint Show
11 January 2010 Building the Future, How Women Professionals Can Make a Difference PDF
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