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CIC Cascade Archive 2003

16 December 2003
The Social and Economic Value of Construction
CSCS Card for CIC Manager
CIC North West Construction Challenge
DQI Online, Improved Access
Engineering in the Olympics
ACE names new Chief Executive
CIC Annual Report
Industry Events

21 November 2003
CIC publishes third edition of the Model Adjudication Procedure
The Built Environment Professional Skills Survey
Amendment of Building Regulations Part M and new Approved Document M
ConstructionSkills recruiting an Operations Manager
The Upkeep Building Museum is moving!

04 November 2003
A STEP towards integrating use of Occupational Standards
Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Cards for Professionals
CPD – You need it – We’ve got it: www.cpdevents.org.uk
Innovative way of delivering better, cheaper and more challenging CPD
CABE: Creating Excellent Buildings, A Guide for Clients
Office of Government Commerce
Achieving Excellence in Construction Procurement Guides
CIC new Collateral Warranty Contracts

10 October 2003
DQI Online – How well is your building designed?
Construction industry calls on government to resist ‘stop-go’ investment policy
Constructing for Sustainability as well as for profit
Institution of Civil Engineers
Safeguarding our future
The Importance of Construction Innovation and Research

23 September 2003
Launch of DQI Online, 1 October 2003
CIC Futures Group to examine the potential for closer working arrangements for the professional institutions
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Planning Directorate – Organisational and Contact Chart
Alternatives to Pre-Completion Testing
Inspire The Next Generation – Enthusiastic Professionals Wanted To Go Into UK Secondary Schools

01 August 2003
DTI Raising the Thresholds
CIC Launch DQI online
CIC Publish Occupational Standards online!
Collateral warranties update
National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications review

16 July 2003
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Review of Existing Private Sewers and Drains in England and Wales
Consultation Paper
2003 Building Sights Award launched at Childrens Hospital
CIC Publish Collateral Warranty Contracts!
SD4BP website launched

24 June 2003
CIC Elect new Deputy Chairman
Measuring Success – Launch of Construction Industry KPIs
Sustainability, with profit
National Construction Week 2003 Announces New Initiatives and Resources
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Surveyor Ombudsman Scheme
Consultation Document

22 May 2003
Transportation N/SVQs are updated – Nationwide consultation May –June 2003
Standards of Competence to Improve Performance
Are you an Investor in People?
‘Users’ Guide to Adjudication’
The Planning Inspectorate
Consistency Guidelines and Rights of Way Advice Notes

01 May 2003
Inspire the next generation – enthusiastic professionals wanted to go into UK secondary schools
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Implementation of Structural Eurocodes in the UK
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Housing Bill – Consultation on draft legislation
ODPM announce new Building Control Performance Standard

03 April 2003
London Remade Workshops
Professional indemnity insurance – the dangers of changing insurers
Harmonising Building Regulations
The Public Accounts Committee at the House of Commons
Oral Evidence by CIC and OGC
Rewarding Innovation for Sustainable Communities


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