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The 2050 Group comprises dynamic industry professionals, who represent a wide range of disciplines across the built environment. The group was established in 2010 to feed into the Innovation and Growth Team review led by the Construction Industry Council and Paul Morrell, Chief Construction Advisor to the Government at the time.

Vision and Objectives

The 2050 group's vision is to provide a collaborative forum and platform for members of all construction disciplines and professional bodies to work together to achieve a carbon neutral construction industry by the year 2050.

Our goals:

  1. Promote shared knowledge and sustainability initiatives
  2. Be an active forum for like-minded industry professionals to collaborate
  3. Develop and review strategic scenarios for the future
  4. Offer unique perspectives and critical thought leadership
  5. Contribute to the Low Carbon Construction Action Plan and assist its delivery
  6. Disseminate information to help positively shape the future of the industry


The Group’s Chairperson is Louise Clarke, Group Coordinator of the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

The Group has an unlimited lifespan and meets once a month in central London. Members must attend at least 9 meetings annually either in person or by conference call. Contributing to work via e-mail or by phone is imperative unless the Group Coordinator is notified in advance.

The maximum number of members is 25. New members will be initially selected by submission of a short CV, completion of New Member Questionnaire and a short introduction and questions meeting.

Members wishing to recommend colleagues must submit in writing to the Group.

If a Group member wishes to retire they must inform the Group by e-mail or in person at the next meeting.

The 2050 Group are on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.co.uk), search 2050 Group. Twitter account: @2050group

2050 Group’s Work and Publications

The 2050 Group has worked together to determine what they would like the construction industry of the future to be like, with particular focus on the period 2020 – 2050.

The Group fed into the Low Carbon Construction IGT Final Report, which was issued on 29th November 2010. You can download the full copy of the final report here.PDF A more detailed version of the 2050 Group’s report can be downloaded here.PDF

The continuation of the Group was supported by Government in its response to the Low Carbon IGT report which was published 22nd June 2011. It stated “Government is also very keen to maintain the valuable dialogue with future industry leaders which the production of the IGT report provided a focus for. BIS will therefore continue to support the 2050 Group alongside the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to ensure that the future leaders of the construction industry have a clear voice in driving forward low carbon and sustainable construction methods.”

A full copy of this response can be downloaded here PDF

The Group contributed to the UK-GBC “Plan for Growth” report, which was published in May 2012. A full copy of the report can be found here. The Group was approached by Deloitte for its answer to the question ‘ How can the Green Construction Board better deliver a sustainable construction industry by 2050?’ A copy of the full response can be found here MS Word. These answers were used for a presentation at West Midlands Sustainable Business Forum.

Sub – Group: BIM2050 Working Group


Contact Details

For further information or if you are interested in joining the group, please contact CIC on 0207 399 7400 or e-mail
The Group can be found on Linkedin under 2050 Group and on twitter @2050group.



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