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About CIC

Established in 1988 with just five founder members, The Construction Industry Council (CIC) now occupies a key role within the UK construction industry. 

Today, CIC is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist trade and business associations in the industry.

It provides a single voice for professionals in all sectors of the built environment through its collective membership of 500,000 individual professionals working for, and in association with, the construction industry and more than 25,000 firms of construction consultants.

In addition, CIC represents the views of the professional, managerial and technical level of the industry in ConstructionSkills – the Sector Skills Council for construction.

ConstructionSkills is a partnership between CIC, CITB-ConstructionSkills and CITB Northern Ireland.

The breadth and depth of its membership means that CIC is able to effectively represent the interests of the construction professions and allied bodies and to speak with authority on the diverse issues connected with construction without being constrained by self-interest of any particular sector of the industry.

CIC has become the largest pan-professional body for the construction professions. 

Construction Industry Council's Mission

  • To serve society by promoting quality, safety and sustainability in the built environment.
  • To give leadership to the construction industry, encouraging unity of purpose, collaboration, continuous improvement and professional skills development.
  • To maximise influence on key decision-makers and be an authoritative voice on behalf of our members and other stakeholders.
  • To commit to delivering best value and improving the efficiency of creating and maintaining the built environment.


Visit the New Sector Skills Council for Construction - ConstructionSkills, CITBGB in partnership with CITBNI (Northern Ireland) and CIC (Construction Industry Council)

CICskills - Enhancing skill, retention and productivity of built environment and construction professionals
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