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Strategic Priorities 2012 to 2014

To serve society by promoting quality, safety and sustainable development in the built environment, by

  • Meeting the challenges of Low Carbon Construction
  • Defining standards for design quality and place making
  • Continually striving to improve safety in construction and health and wellbeing throughout the life cycle.

To give leadership to the construction industry, encouraging unity of purpose, collaboration, continuous improvement and professional skills development by

  • Playing a major role and representing members’ interests within integrated industry vehicles including the Strategic Forum for Construction, Construction Skills and the Construction Umbrella Bodies and its subsidiary initiatives
  • Encouraging diversity and fair access to the professions
  • Identifying and addressing the skills needed in the future
  • Coordinating and addressing the issues affecting higher education
  • Providing a forum for young professionals
  • Maintaining and improving communications with members through the provision of written reports and an effective website
  • Providing regular workshops and policy meetings including the Economic and Policy Forum
  • Encouraging and monitoring economic recovery by supporting and developing appropriate growth strategies for investment in the built environment, including the Government Construction Strategy
  • Project managing work on behalf of the Government and other agencies that is of benefit to society, the industry, clients or to our members collectively
  • Providing a multi-disciplinary forum for the construction industry in the nations and regions

To maximise influence on key decision-makers and be an authoritative voice on behalf of our members and other stakeholders by

  • Developing relationships with Government including inter alia, the Chief Construction Adviser, the Construction Strategy and its sub-groups, the Construction Sector Unit of BIS, Building Regulations and Standards Division of CLG, the Green Infrastructure Board and Infrastructure-UK
  • Maintaining and developing effective relationships with Parliament and MPs particularly through continued support of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment
  • Representing those collectively concerned with delivering professional services in creating and managing the built environment

To commit to delivering best value and improving the efficiency of creating and maintaining the built environment by

  • Enabling the coordinated implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Achieving a unified programme of work
  • Improving disputes resolution, insurance and liability issues for construction professionals and the wider industry
  • Providing an efficient and effective registration process for pan-industry functions



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