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WSP is one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary consultants for the construction industry advising on different aspects of building projects via our highly skilled staff, based in 110 offices in 24 countries.

WSP offers advice at the start of a project, sometimes when it is just an idea.  We can advise whether the ground is suitable to build and help design new buildings, such as offices, hotels, hospitals, cinemas, shopping centres, stadia and schools.  WSP can design the structure of these buildings and the building ‘services’: heating, lighting and water systems; and we manage buildings after the people have moved in to make sure everything keeps working the way we designed it.

As well as buildings WSP also designs infrastructure: roads, railways and the tunnels and bridges needed to transport people and goods around the world.

WSP is known as a fast growing company who are able to provide many different opportunities for our staff.  We currently have over 5000 people working with us to create a better built environment.

Geraldine Howson, featured on the video, works for us as a structural engineer in our head office in London.  She is currently designing tall office buildings in Canary Wharf but has worked on many different projects.  She designed the structure for a shopping centre in Leamington Spa and has worked on a couple of projects in Frankfurt and Munich in Germany.  Geraldine designed the structural frame for a hospital in Dartford and was involved in the renovation of an art gallery in central London.

Through WSP Geraldine has had the enjoyable experience of working on a variety of projects in Europe as well as the UK.  As a young and growing company WSP is able to offer people like Geraldine the chance to learn new skills and grow with them.

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