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Rethinking Construction

Rethinking Construction is a body working with the Government and all parts of the construction industry to bring about radical change.  Change is necessary because the amount of work planned for construction makes ever greater demands on the people and the techniques currently used.  Most people’s ideas of bricklayers, plumbers, engineers or architects have not changed much over the years but their jobs have.  Our objectives are to achieve radical improvements in the design, quality, customer satisfaction and performance of the UK construction industry to be able to recruit and retain a skilled workforce at all levels by improving its employment practices and health and safety performance.

Changes to techniques and the use of new technologies offer greater scope for people from different backgrounds, including many more opportunities for women and those with disabilities.

We believe that change is brought about by three simple principles:

  • Leadership by clients;
  • Teams that can work together better, and
  • By better respect for the people working in construction (including pay, career prospects and working conditions).

At the heart of the Rethinking Construction is the ‘Demonstration Projects Programme’.  This provides the opportunity for leading-edge organisations to demonstrate new techniques and approaches.  These changes are then measured, evaluated and used to provide examples to help others learn what can be done and how to do things differently.  Currently there are more than 400 of these projects in the programme, which taken together outperform the average of the rest of the UK construction industry.

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