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The Institution of Structural Engineers

The Institution of Structural Engineers is the world's leading professional body for structural engineering.  It is the appropriate source of relevant and considered opinion on all structural engineering and public safety issues in the built environment.  The Institution has some 22,000 members in 101 countries around the world, and is recognised internationally for the technical and professional competence of its members.  The Institution's qualification is accepted in many countries as a passport to practise structural engineering. Its image is one of safety, efficiency and excellence both of its operations and in the standards of its members.  The Institution qualifies its members by examinations that test professional competence in structural engineering design, and operates using the phrase

"Working together to promote world-class standards of safety, efficiency and excellence in structural engineering”

The Institution of Structural Engineers Educational Trust

The Institution of Structural Engineers Educational Trust was established in 1991 with the main objective of promoting excellence in structural engineering.  It is primarily aimed at young people, to those who have yet to join the profession of structural engineering and those who are already part of it.

It aims to encourage them by:

  • Awarding educational scholarships and travel grants
  • Arranging competitions, awarding medals and prizes for excellence

With the financial support of members of IStructE and other individuals and firms the Trust has successfully launched a number of educational initiatives including a Young Structural Engineers' International Design Competition and a Rowen Travel Award for individuals wishing to study current practices or trends in construction materials in different countries.

The Institution of Structural Engineers
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