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Adams Kara Taylor
Structural Engineering

What do the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the London Eye, and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge have in common?  They were all built using the expertise and knowledge of structural engineers.

Structural engineering is a fascinating and rewarding career.  Structural engineers are responsible for the design of much of the built environment that you see around you.  So when a new office complex is going up, or a bridge crosses over a river, or an old canal-side Victorian warehouse is being converted into apartments – the structural engineer is intimately involved.   Engineers take an architect’s paper drawing and make it work.  They are responsible for the design of the beams and columns which hold the structure up.

The usual way to become a structural engineer is to study maths and physics at school followed by a degree in engineering at university.

Within a structural engineering career, there are also different options.  You can be a designer in an office or a site engineer responsible for turning the designs into reality – or both!  The field has become fast-moving, computer-sophisticated, and innovative so young people fit in very well. You don’t have to spend your working life stuck behind a desk – a structural engineer can have a very varied life – no two days are ever the same.

The need for structural engineers is growing in the UK and abroad.  As more and more companies and governments are becoming concerned with the environment, overcrowding in city centres, and new types of housing needed – all sorts of building and construction work will have to be done.   The role of the structural engineer is growing and there are many opportunities for new talent all around the world.

Adams Kara Taylor are a progressive and 'design led' Structural and Civil Engineering consultancy based in London.

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