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Worshipful Company of Constructors’ Charitable Trust

The origin of Livery Companies of the City of London is lost in antiquity but many of the ancient Companies can trace their ancestry back to the Middle Ages or earlier when members of those Companies or Guilds were recognised by the “Livery” or special clothes they wore, which on ceremonial occasions are still worn today, for example the election of a Lord Mayor or Sheriffs and other Officers of the City of London.

The Constructors’ Company was formed and pledged to maintain these ancient traditions in its main objective to bring together those professionally qualified individuals concerned with all aspects of building design, execution, management, vision and economic appraisal within the framework of the Guilds and Livery Companies of the City of London. The present membership includes many leading figures in the Construction Industry including leaders from the main Construction firms and practices. One of the main objectives of the Company is the encouragement of young people, through Scholarships, prizes and apprenticeships in the advancement of interest in the industry and it has a special Education Committee which deals with this aspect of Company affairs. It should always be remembered that when the City Livery Companies are described in the popular press as being nothing but privileged dining clubs, that through ancient and modern generosity, the 104 Companies of the City of London distribute 38 million pounds a year to charitable causes, to say nothing of the support given to schools, colleges of further education, housing for the aged and for those in need.

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Worshipful Company of Constructors’ Charitable Trust
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